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Map editor elements

Staring position of the ball in the playing field.

Use: Click this button, and then – any point in the playing field. A specific point on the field, which was set by you, will be a start for you.


When you click this button on the panel one time, you can place any number of holes on the field. This means that there is no need to click the hole icon to add each next hole.


By selecting this button and clicking any place on the playing field, you can determine the finish hole for the level.

Teleport hole.

It is placed with one click on the field; teleport features are called by the double click on the hole.

Nature of teleport connection. All teleport holes act in pairs. To determine the ball movement, it is necessary to assign a number to each teleport. The number should be assigned pair-wise (it means that two teleports should have the number "1", etc.; do so up to the last ball).

You can also assign the color to the teleport in the settings.


By selecting this icon on the panel, place it on the playing field by clicking it to the required place. Blinking upper right corner of the object enables changing its size and shape (stretch, extend, etc.). You can also move the wall. By holding it, stretch it to any point on the field.


By clicking the button, you activate it; then press any object using this button. The object you have selected by clicking will be deleted. You can use this button as long it is active (highlighted).

Undoes the last activity and all the previous activities stepwise.

Returns the last cancelled activities.


Copying of the highlighted object.


Turning of the highlighted obstacle (block or wall) to the right.


Turning of the highlighted obstacle (block or wall) to the left.

Menu button.


Launch testing the created map.

Insertion of the copied object.

Can be done many times (in sequence) for one object without copying the object each time.


Saving of the created level.

Placement of the highlighted object above the other one (applicable for holes and walls/blocks).


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