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How to create an own map using the editor

To start editing maps, you need to enter the editor by pressing a button in the game's main page.

Как создать свою карту в редакторе

Then, press the button "+". The map editor will pop up. You can find a detailed description for each element and its use in this article. Before creating the maps, you are advised to read the afore mentioned article.

Как создать свою карту в редакторе

Place obstacles, holes, final hole and starting position of the ball on the playing field. Once you have finished creating the map, it can be tested by pressing a relevant button. You will have the same control in the testing mode as set up in the game itself. If you are satisfied with the outcome, press the "Save" button.

The map created by you will appear in the section “My maps”, in level selection menu.

Как создать свою карту в редакторе

You can edit the previously created maps by accessing the map editor menu (where you select "+" when you create a new map) and introduce changes in the required map. To save them, press the relevant button.

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