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Game settings

Labirinth settings include following sections: Calibration, Sound, Language, and SD-card for devices running on OS Android 6.0+ basis. You can learn here what it is used for. Let us review each section in detail.

Настройки игры

  1. Calibration. Before starting the game, we advise you to caliber your device to have a more precise control over the ball. How to do this? Switch to the indicated menu item. A window with a horizontal and vertical scale appears. Marks and a floating bubble are available in the middle of each scale. You need to tilt the device in such a way for the bubbles both on vertical and on horizontal scales to be placed between the marks in the middle of the scales. Press the button "Set" after that. In such a way, your calibration is done. Настройки игры
  2. Sound. In this section, you can turn your music background and game sounds on and off. Besides, you can activate or deactivate the vibro-effects when the ball is moving across the playing field in this section. Настройки игры
  3. Language. Labirinth was translated into 14 languages. You can select relevant language by clicking the flag of the country that corresponds to the language in the relevant section of the settings. Настройки игры
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