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Selection of the control method

There are two types of control in Labirinth: using an acceleration meter (by tilting) and using a joystick (movement of the game ball by clicking on the screen).

The user can select the most convenient method of control both before the game start and during it.

The first way is available in the level selection menu. The joystick button is located on the bottom to the left; a menu with the control selection appears if you click on this button.

Выбор способа управления

The 2nd way is available during the game itself. To change the control, you need to pause the game ("back" button of your device) and to select the relevant item. You should take into consideration that when you change the control, the play will not be saved and the ball comes back to its start position.

Выбор способа управления Выбор способа управления

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