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Setting up page turning

All configured parameters for page ;turning are grouped within the corresponding item of advanced settings. In order to navigate to advanced settings, choose "Quick settings" item in the reading window, and after that go to advanced.

Настройка перелистывания страницНастройка перелистывания страниц

Then go to "Page" → "Page turning".

Настройка перелистывания страниц

Here you may specify the scrolling gesture, choose direction for page turning, enable or disable sound.

In order to activate page scroll by the volume button, it is sufficient to mark the checkbox next to the appropriate item.

Настройка перелистывания страниц

To enable vertical scrolling through a scroll, mark the respective checkbox.

Настройка перелистывания страниц

Also you may select direct or reverse order of the action.

In the settings 3 different types of animation are available:

  • 3D animation (imitating the real scrolling)
  • shift with overlap
  • shift

In the same menu the speed of selected animation is customized.

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